The Sound of Money at the Lake!

On Friday night, a California man invested $9 in Megabucks at the Horizon Casino Resort, and won the Horizon’s largest jackpot of record, a whopping $7,745,109.00 ! Elio D. Leon of East Los Angeles, California said that he was visiting Lake Tahoe for the first time. All International Game Technology MegaJackpots are paid in annual installments.
That wasn’t all. I was really into day 107 of visiting all the South Shore casinos, but my morning run turned into a series of U-turns and figure 8s as I tried to catch all the noisy jackpots around me in order to put the reset jackpot amounts into my trusty notebook. It wasn’t just the Horizon, it was Harrah’s, it was Harveys, it was Bill’s, it was Caesars, it was the Lakeside Inn gamblers everywhere were smiling! Thousands and thousands of dollars more!

More Facts

Speaking of the Lakeside Inn, Wednesday, May 24th was their 15th birthday, and what a party they throw every year! Cash drawings every 15 minutes but then they are always doing something! Coming up is the Corvette show.
Memorial Day kicks off the summer season at Lake Tahoe. If you haven’t been to the Lake, you are really missing out. We are going to start posting our temperatures versus those in Las Vegas and other gaming areas. Just imagine a much cooler, can’t beat the scenery, group of best canadian online casino, nestled in an area with a great big really COOL lake and imagine yourself here. Come to Lake Tahoe.
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How to Spend The Day

Don’t forget to visit all our casinos during your stay. Harrah’s is soon having a grand re-opening of their Friday’s Station restaurant. They have been doing major construction! Harveys is still having their promotion to win a year’s play on them ($100,000!) with the tournament set for June 16th. And Caesars Tahoe still has that wonderful neon yellow Lamborghini Diablo car worth $302,000 parked in the middle of their floor. My jaw hits the ground daily every time I pass it. Everyone is having outdoor car and motorcycle shows don’t forget the Harley’s at the Tahoe Biltmore in Crystal Bay the first weekend in June. The whole place is humming with activity. Craft fairs too!
Remember, if you want a preview of the lake’s jackpots, visit this perfect gambling recourse. If you want to start a gaming conversation, visit our site one more time.
And if you just want the coolest place on the planet to gamble. LAKE TAHOE is where it’s at!