Partypoker Airhead Online Poker Challenge

It has become virtually not viable to get away from the grinning and rather vacuous features of the American heiress, Paris Hilton as the media avidly follows her most up-to-date insignificant clowning around in glitterati-land. However, this month she hit the silly-ass headlines by losing her Bentley car said to be worth GBP 100,000 and change, at a land casino establishment playing in a poker game.
Even as many shook their heads in disbelief that such a space cadet should be permitted to roam loose, the folks at Partypoker saw in Paris Hilton’s foolishness, an opportunity and have thusly come up with a proposal to replace the expensive wheels. She however, has to beat Mike Sexton, the PartyPoker, host in a heads up No-Limit Hold ‘Em game.

Poker Card Room Partypoker

This clever publicity and marketing offer is available to Paris Hilton for only a period of thirty days. It is to take place online at online poker card room Partypoker, it is believed without doubt, amidst high profile media saturation that will appeal to both Party Poker and Hilton, who is known to be an infamous publicity hound. In fact, if Hilton would rather play out the challenge at a brick and mortar land based casino, Party will agree to that as well.


Rumors or Facts?


Warren Lush, the PartyPoker spokesperson says that Ms Hilton has indicated that she is mad about poker and that when she plays at Las Vegas, she always wins. He says that PartyPoker is offering her the opportunity to try her luck without even having to leave her house. He adds that his company is aware that her parents have already banned her from gambling at their casino. He reasons that playing online solve all her problems since she now has the opportunity to make good her losses she can cover her losses without stepping foot into a brick and mortar casino.