WSOP Event To Offer Bubble Insurance Plan

Eric Morris, Bluff Magazine’s head honcho has made known that in order to bring Bubble Insurance back bigger and better, for the 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event, his company has joined forces with Mansion Poker.
Bubble Insurance was introduced at the WSOP Main Event in 2005, by Bluff Magazine, and has had over 350 people by wearing a Bubble Insurance shirt, participate. Bluff imagined the last five people missing out on cashing in at the World Series of Poker, knowing the mindset of the modern poker player better than most. In most cases, these players would probably be nervous wrecks, but they can guarantee their buy-in to next year’s WSOP Main Event by signing up for Bluff/MansionPoker Bubble Insurance.
If they go bust within 5 spots of money, Bluff and Mansion Poker will buy players in to next year’s World Series of Poker Main Event. In addition, the top six finishers will also win a spot to face off against each other on Poker’s newest stage, if they are wearing a Bubble Insurance shirt, the Mansion Poker Poker Dome. This has a package valued at $8 000, and the winner takes home $25 000, as well as getting a shot at the million dollar first prize.

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Six Bubble Insurance

The top 6 bubble insurance finishers will be given the opportunity to join 210 other participants, and to play in the Poker Dome Challenge. They will then be given the opportunity to play in one of 36 televised qualifiers where the winner of each qualifier wins $25 000, along with a seat at one of the six televised semi finals. Semi-finals winners will earn a $50 000 cash prize along with a seat at the televised final. The televised final will be a live broadcast scheduled for March 17, 2018. At this final the winner take all million dollar prize pool will be awarded.